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Animal Education and Training Area in the works at YAPS
Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 14479 views
I did not write this but thought it was worthy of getting more attention, I have met James a few times and have known his sister for many years. 
I saw this on Monday when I was submitting some information regarding a dog that needs a home on yaps website
Original story on http://www.yaps.org

On Monday James Ramos came to the YAPS facility to meet with Director Nicole Laffey to discuss the details surrounding the $10,000 gift from him and his wife, Terri. Concerned with providing a gift to not only YAPS but one that could benefit the entire community, it was decided that the money would go towards the creation of a large common area at the facility.

After about an hour the two agreed that a place where people and pets can mingle would be the ideal environment. This led to the planning of a large fenced-in green area to create a fun social experience for all. The park-like area will be used to hold events including educational and training opportunities, in addition to offering low cost vaccine and microchip clinics.

A combination of rock, grass, and trees will landscape the area with benches, and a gazebo, in addition to some interactive agility items and toys for the pooches. Enclosed in white vinyl fencing the area will add to the country charm of the YAPS site, creating a welcoming environment.

We are very excited to have the support of James and Terri Ramos to create this wonderful opportunity for dog lovers alike in the Calimesa and Yucaipa communities, said Nicole Laffey, Executive Director. We have many activities for pet lovers planned in this center, from free training opportunities to play days, and cannot wait to share this gift with the community for the benefit of all of its pets.

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