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Real Bully Parents
Friday, October 11, 2013, 27125 views

This article is my tribute to the real pit bull parents out there

I am going to start off with my journey into the pit bull world and I am naming names because these people have earned my respect a thousand times over.

Up until about 3 or 4 months ago if some one brought a pit bull to my house I would not have let them on my property, if you would have said Steve they are euthanizing 10 pit bulls today I would have answered

Then one night when my cousin Amanda (Who I have never really thanked) shared a dog rescue on face book and I started reading the stories about their rescue efforts and the great things they have done and continue to do. Panda Paws Rescue and Amanda Panda as she is lovingly called rescued one dog in particular that caught my attention and his name is London. He was a pit bull puppy that up until Panda Paws Rescued him was abused by his owners, I don't mean parents I MEAN OWNERS  to the extent that his front legs needed to be amputated. I read his story, saw pictures of him and videos that just blew me away.  

This little dog with no front legs has as much or more love for life in him than any persons I have ever met, from that day on he became my hero. London got adopted by a wonderful lady named Frances Gehring (who I hope doesn’t mind me calling her Franny), and you can still follow him on his facebook page Roll On London.

For the last few months I have followed these facebook pages and their websites and conversed with hundreds of wonderful people that raise their pit bull kids with the love and respect that any animal should get with out worry, after all the animal did not ask to be born or adopted they chose them.

As you can see on this website I follow a multitude of animal rescues and other animal related sites so it kind goes with out saying I am a bit of an animal lover at heart.

Panda Paws Rescue also saved a pit bull mother and her puppies that some one was trying to sell online before they were even old enough to leave their mother. the mother and all the puppies can now be followed on
Panda Paws Blueberry Muffins  facebook page and I look forward to seeing their pictures everyday. Everyone of these pitty parents are fighting a hard up hill battle to convince the world that pit bulls are not vicious creatures that just need to be put down and I give them all a big thank you.

Well after months of following all these stories last Monday night I went on facebook about 9 o'clock at night and there was a story about a dog that was shared by Roll On London, the dogs name is Stevie he is a 2 yr old Mastiff/Pit mix that was going to be put down soon if he was not rescued from the shelter. I kept following all the comments and then I ask where the shelter was located and they posted the shelter information. Now its easier to sit back and read this stuff when its not anywhere near you but then when I read the shelter location and it was 15 minutes from my house I felt the urge to post again,  I typed a response in the text field on facebook and stared at it for a long time and then some how my finger hit the send button (I can pick him up), When I saw that text hit the screen I was thinking in the back of my head, what the hell did you just do I knew I could not bring this dog home to my house then I was panicking and kept hoping for a miracle to happen and some one else would say that’s Ok Steve I will adopt the dog.
Now any one that really knows me knows that if I say I will do something its a done deal, so after arguing with my self for a while I had to commit and knew it was time to step up. Here is a dog that did not ask for his situation that was going to die and I was not going to let that happen if I could stop it.
Then after a long night of posting and begging for help another wonderful lady started guiding me and answering questions about the shelter and how to go about this her name is
Heidi Hylkema who does rescues on her own and has a wonderful facebook page called Romeo - Life is Good , Then she posted that she sent me personal message but me being a facebook novice I could not find the message for the life of me, So after a long night of still following this story on facebook which I did not sleep at all and kept going back and praying for a miracle the morning came around.

She kept saying you have to call early before they open and I called and got a machine and she said keep trying and ask for Jennifer. Then out of aggravation I wanted to find that personal message, I don't know why but I wanted to know what it said. So I started digging into facebook and there was a link to other messages and I found her personal message,  then something else caught my eye

God sent down an angel to save Me and Stevie

Steve -- saw your post on Roll On London about the dog in the San Bernadino shelter. If the potential adopters don't pan out, please call me at 000-000-0000. I can't stop thinking about the dog since I saw him online last night....but I couldn't get down there until this weekend which would be too late in any case. Best case, I can adopt (assuming my dog Sophie approves -- she likes dogs, but has never had one in "her" house), worst case, if you wind up fostering for a bit I will cover the cost of the shelter fees and all vetting/food/care until a home can be found.

Oh I almost forgot Hiedi actually called me to help me with everything, now that’s amazing that she would take the time to actually call me and she is one of the most wonderful women on this plant (after my wife of course) She is smart, opionated and willing to go all the way with anything she tackles, and trust me after checking out her facebook page and the website this is one busy lady.

So When I saw Melanie’s message I was so excited I called Hiedi back and told her the great news I found a wonderful lady that was willing to adopt OOPS, hold on I need to step back a bit, as soon as I read Melanie’s message it was full steam ahead I didn’t stop hitting redial on my phone until Jennifer from the shelter finally answered, of course it was could you hold please you know the standard way most business answer their phone so While I was on hold I called Heidi on my cell phone and due to lack of sleep and being a little deleries said I'm on hold with the shelter but I have great news and I will call you back and hungup.
So I made arrangements to go down to the shelter and pay the adoption fee and while I was there went and saw this wonderful boy to tell him I was getting him out tomorrow.

So after I called Hiedi back and told her the good news I then called Melanie to thank her with every once of energy I had left.

Now this is another amazing lady, I mean come on people all she saw was a picture and she was willing to take this dog into her house not knowing what will happen.

Well I picked up Stevie today I got to spend time with him and he is one of the gentlest dogs I know Oh and by the way he is my first pit bull experience but I had a great time, I would say playing with him but all he wanted to do was lick me from head to toe.

I got on the ground and rolled around and tried everything I could to get this dog excited enough to play and he would just walk over and lick my face.
I think he was an inside dog because he definitely did not want to go outside, when I would open the door and go into the back yard and call him he would look at me like ARE YOU NUTS ITS HOT OUT THERE.
So tomorrow I get the pleasure of taking Stevie to meet his Mother and new sister and I am very excited
That’s my story and I just want to thank everyone that followed Stevie and help save him and all the Pitty Parents out there for staying tough and fighting the good fight. You now have an allie

For all that I went through and trust me I have been sick to my stomach since this started I have to say I feel like a better person and I owe it all to everyone of the people I mentioned and many more that I have followed.
Thank You!!
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 Sara Bartolino - Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 11:46:00 AM
WOW! You are my God!!!! Ièm somewhat of a sponsor for panda paws resuce, i say somewhat, because i wish i could give more that what i do. They deserve every penny! Iève read London ès story since day one, i even wear a London s hoody with pride. I was never against pit bulls, it s the owners that don t know how to breed them or take care of them. I would give anything to have a pit in my home, but i can t because i live in Montréal, in the St-Leonard disctrict and pit bulls are forbidden. If i could have Financial ressources i d open a center for pit bulls and of course i d help other breeds to, but pi bulls first. I wish you all the best and enjoy your pit, i envy you.
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 Steve Miller - Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 3:45:00 PM
Sara I am far from a god but thank you for the kid words. I alway knew it was not the dogs that were the problem also, but I was just at the conclusion that they were a lost cause due to the poeple that raised them until I found all the real pit bull parents and realized that they did have a chance and there were more good people out there that really loved them for who they are not what they are than worthless idiots.

Thank you


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