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Steve Miller, Saturday, September 21, 2013   (715 people like this)  like it
For those of you that followed the story of me rescuing Henry (aka Stevie) from the San Bernardino Animal Shelter

It's official Henry is now in his new home with his forever family.

They are a wonderful young couple that just purchased a home in Mentone, Ca. I took Henry in for his final check up and he came out with flying colors, The couple are friends of my 2 older sons so I will be able to see Henry now and then at the dog park.

When I left he was running around the yard checking out the new smells and the pool. He would barley hold still long enough for me to say good bye. I think he will be very happy after spending a week with me at Motel 6 which I loved having the individual time with him we had a great last 7 days going on walks and meeting new people.

Good Bye Henry I will now forever be your uncle Steve.
Steve Miller, Wednesday, August 28, 2013   (746 people like this)  like it
This was posted on Facebook and I started following the story and finally decided to get involved.

I need out of here today !
Check out my video , I'm a really good boy!

Stevie's eyes were talking today! This big , quiet, gentle ,
2year old , dog friendly , male
Mastiff mix is available Aug:24
ID#A452286 please help me share him , I think he believed owners were coming back

Stevie has stayed in back of kennel until today , he's so beautiful! All help so appreciated , love this guy !!



"I talked to Melanie VonBorstel An amazing lady with a giant heart that is willing to adopt him and said if it does not work out with him and her dog will pay boarding fees until he is in a good forever home.

I am going to pay his adoption fees and bring him home until Melanie and I can hook up to give her Stevie

Thank you Heidi you to are a wonder lady and I really enjoyed talking to you through this whole ordeal and now we can both breath again.

I still say that all you people that do this on a daily bases are amazing because this was my first full on SAVE THIS DOG and I am an emotional wreck and could just lay down and cry with joy."
Steve Miller, Monday, August 26, 2013   (704 people like this)  like it
Ok so its national dog day and while playing with Bentley it got me thinking about Buddy our first Newfoundland and the main reason we adopted Bentley.

Our kids found Buddy living under some bushes in our neighbors yard and started taking him bottled water and food. Eventually he made his way to our yard where he decided he wanted to stay and wouldn't take no for an answer.

every chance he got he would sneak into the back yard I would put him out and the next thing you know he was back again, I have no idea how a dog that large could get through the small holes in our gates but he managed just fine and we finally gave in so Buddy was home.

he was the most amazing dog I had ever met and had the mans best friend thing down to a T. He would do what ever you wanted to do most of the time he would just lay in my office next to my desk while I worked. He followed me around like Bentley follows Jill, but if you wanted to play he was definitely up for a good wrestling match, we would wrestle for hours in the family room and he had the softest mouth of any dog I have ever played with.

He was so gentle with kids and other animals that we never had to worry about leaving them alone, but would protect the ones he loved with his life.

He wasn't one of those dogs that did a lot of trick but his specialty was giving everyone he came in contact with an amazing amount of love.

He loved going to the beach and running around with Caroline our Keeshond (another wonderful member of our family) and the other dogs at dog beach, it was amazing to take him on walks there cause he was so well behaved. We would throw his leash over his back and he would walk with us and even with all the other dogs barking at him from both sides he stayed his course and never let them distract him, He would get about 30 or 40 feet in front then just stop and wait for us to catch up.

He was and old dog when we found him and eventually age started to catch up with him, he got cancer and some tumors and the vet had us put him on wet food which work for about a year then one day I came out side and found him laying on the grass and he could not get up, we took him to our vet and we decided that his life was no longer happy and pain free so we made that dreaded decision to send him to a better place, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life but I know it was the right decision.

Steve Miller, Monday, August 26, 2013   (673 people like this)  like it
Today is national dog day don't forget to give them an extra special treat. :)
Steve Miller, Saturday, April 6, 2013   (731 people like this)  like it
I have recently been following Team London and Panda Paws on facebook, they are an amazing group of poeple that rescue abused and abandoned and medical needs dogs.

I especially developed a great love for London the abused pitbull that lost both front legs because of his original owners, and I was amazed at how many animals there are out there that have lost legs and are still active loving companions.

It is very cool that they have been able to make wheel harnesses that attach to the animal so they can get around without having to drag them selves.

To see a dog with such a great spirit after all he has been through is really starting to change my mind about the pit bull breed.

As I stated on facebook unfortunatley I have yet to see a pit bull that I would trust due to the way they are taught by thier owners, but its great to read about all the good pit bull owners out there that are raising them to be gentle loving animals.

You can follow them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RollOnLondon?ref=br_tf
Steve Miller, Saturday, April 6, 2013   (755 people like this)  like it
You can trust most dogs more than most of the people you meet, they will be honest with you from the start. If they don't like you or don't want you to bother them they let you know from the minute you meet them.

Once they get to know you they are a loving friend forever and would protect you with their life.

They have a great instinct about people, most of the time when we have Bentley out and people walk by he is very friendly or just ignores them, but some one will walk by and he gets a sense and his ears go up and he is fixated on them and his body language is saying there is something I don't trust about this person.

Our newfy Bentley is so amazing he makes us laugh everyday, he loves everybody and everybody loves him. When we go to our sons baseball games all the little kids always expect to see him and if they don't they're all ask where is Bentley.

I taught him at an early age to get the news paper, something I could not teach our kids to do in 18 years living here, he even goes and gets it with out being told if the door is open so he can get outside

From the first night we brought him home he has slept in our bed, he likes to cuddle with his mom. No matter what he is doing when she comes home and he hears the garage door opening he is out the door and greating her with a big wet kiss.

He did earn his place here when he was about 4 months old while we were at my wifes parents for hannuka someone tried to rob our house, they heard him in the back yard so they propped the gate open and waited for him to run off so they could get in but the great dog he is he never left the back yard.

Anyone that has ever had a dog knows what a great joy they can be, no matter how upset or stressed you are when you see them it has instant calming effect.

To most dog lovers they are just another child in the family, and most are easier to teach and train than your children.

I can not imagine being without a dog in my life nor would I want to, since my wife and I have been together we have had 4 dogs in the family, we lost the first 3 due to injury, health and old age.

And for those that have never expierienced the loss it is no different than lossing a family member, everybody cries from the kids to the adults.


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